Thank Your Cleaner Day | Emrill

Thank Your Cleaner Day

Emrill celebrated this year’s ‘Thank Your Cleaner Day’ in cooperation with Kärcher between October 19 and 21 with site visits and an event held at Emrill’s headquarters in Dubai. ‘Thank Your Cleaner Day’ is dedicated to the global community of cleaning professionals and recognises the hard work and efforts of cleaning teams and staff who keep workplaces, buildings and public areas clean, hygienic, and safe. This year marks the second year Emrill and Kärcher have collaborated to celebrate cleaning teams together across the UAE.

Emrill and Kärcher employees visited multiple project sites in Dubai to personally thank the teams responsible for their dedication to maintaining high standards of cleaning across Dubai and spread awareness about ‘Thank Your Cleaner Day’. At Emrill’s head office, Stuart Harrison, Emrill’s CEO and Gopalakrishnan, Emrill’s operations director delivered messages of gratitude and appreciation to the facilities management provider’s housekeeping team, who attended in person and via online channels.

Commenting on the event, Harrison said: “Emrill has always prioritised the safety of occupants, residents and visitors across our contracts. Our cleaning teams exemplify our commitment to maintaining BICSc standards to ensure Emrill’s cleaning services are of high quality, safe, and environmentally responsible.”

Joe Lahoud, Kärcher’s managing director, also joined the event, which attracted over 300 attendees, as a key speaker to celebrate the day and convey appreciation for the devoted cleaning team members.  Lahoud said: “With our expertise in the cleaning industry, our constant aim is to offer our customers the latest cleaning technologies that not only simplify their lives but also prioritise the well-being of our cleaners. Recognising the pivotal role cleaners play in our everyday existence, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the diligent individuals who ensure the safety and cleanliness of our homes and workplaces. Their daily efforts, often overlooked, are indispensable, and we can’t envision a world without them.”

Emrill and Kärcher showed appreciation to the cleaning teams with gifts, giveaways and online games and events. The occasion also offered Emrill and Kärcher a chance to reiterate their gratitude to the teams for their exceptional support and valuable contributions to cleaning efforts across the country.