Emrill bags Engineering Service of the Year award | Emrill

Emrill bags Engineering Service of the Year award

Emrill won the Engineering Service of the Year award at the FMME Awards 2020.

As customer requirements evolve, competition and cost pressure increase, Emrill has innovated/enhanced service delivery. While many FM providers react to market challenges by focusing on IT systems to deliver alternate solutions, Emrill has redefined its service delivery approach completely through Generation Z Engineering Service Delivery, harnessing the potential/advantage of young, tech-savvy staff comfortable with technology and looking to be more productive rather than clock hours on a job.

K Shyam Prasad, general manager, stated: “While others may identify one area to enhance, we have taken a more holistic approach, radically changing our service delivery. We’re harnessing the potential of our young, tech-savvy engineers, listening to them and driving innovation from the bottom-up. This has created a culture where we are all accountable for driving improvement – from the ground staff up to the top management.”

Speaking on the importance of this particular category, Gopalakrishnan, operations director, Emrill, said: “Engineering services form the backbone of any Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) service provider, and, through our Continuous Improvement Workshops, we’ve pushed the boundaries of innovation. We strive to provide services that adapt and evolve, just like the market, and this award recognises our success in meeting the challenges of a highly competitive sector and providing value-added services to our clients.”

The highly commended went to Engie Cofely. Engie Cofely leads the zero-carbon transition by delivering bespoke engineering services to 100+ prestigious projects. Its Retrofit and Control Engineering service continues to generate massive energy savings for its clients.

Vincent Montanet, chief business development officer, Engie Solutions (Engie Cofely), said: “We have delivered bespoke engineering services to hundreds of prestigious projects. Our Retrofit and Control Engineering service has generated huge energy savings for our clients (+46%). We have further engineered a predictive artificial intelligence platform which provides better insights to help lead zero-carbon transition to our clients.”