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Employee Welfare


Emrill is known for the quality of its people. Employee welfare and the overall health and wellbeing of all staff are a core part of Emrill values that will never be compromised.

Investing in our people is not just limited to improving performance and productivity but also enhancing the employee experience with high standards of welfare facilities and initiatives. Employee accommodation, health benefits and recreational facilities are aligned with Emrill’s objectives to care for employees and our commitment to employee welfare is of utmost importance as we continuously strive to raise the bar higher for our staff.

Employees remain a top priority in the organisation and we believe that providing a healthy lifestyle with a good work-life balance leads to satisfied employees.

Emrill’s ethos is to inspire and nurture its people, to challenge and raise regional FM standards and to redefine and improve the client experience – one building, one community and one place at a time.

Emrill Carnival

A festival of sporting and recreational activities that take place over a period of 3 months. This is our largest event annually with employees competing in more than 30 events including swimming, football, volleyball, cricket, dancing, singing and so much more.

Welfare Team


Employee welfare initiatives ensure that employees are engaged, physically and mentally healthy to achieve company’s talent development and talent retention objectives. We have a Welfare Steering Committee made up of managers across the business who oversee all welfare initiatives and engaging activities. Emrill staff also benefit from a dedicated Employee Welfare Manager whose absolutely priority is to ensure that the needs and interests of employees are listened to and continuously facilitated. The welfare team manages a variety of internal and external events such as sports meets, tournament matches and fun social activities.

Supply Chain

At Emrill, we feel we have a collective responsibility to ensure those individuals delivering services on our behalf are looked after properly. Emrill works very closely with its 800 strong supply chain to continuously monitor and improve welfare, health and safety of all employees. We regularly carry out welfare visits to our suppliers’ labour accommodations to ensure that the living standards provided meet Emrill’s standards. In cases where improvement is needed, we actively work with them to improve the welfare of their employees.

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