Emrill achieves 11 years of post-New Year's Eve clean-up success in Downtown Dubai | Emrill

Emrill achieves 11 years of post-New Year’s Eve clean-up success in Downtown Dubai

UAE-based facilities management service provider Emrill was on-site for the eleventh consecutive year to provide clean-up services following New Year’s Eve festivities in Emaar’s iconic community for the yearly celebrations in Downtown Dubai.

Downtown Dubai’s globally renowned fireworks display draws a large number of spectators each year and is viewed around the world. To meet the challenge of returning Emaar’s flagship communities to pristine conditions after large crowds congregated to witness the record-breaking show, Emrill deployed clean-up crews and robotic cleaning equipment. Emrill was responsible for cleaning high-footfall areas in Downtown Dubai, including Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Boulevard, Souk Al Bahar Bridge, and surrounding plaza, park, promenade and roadways. This year, Emrill began its clean-up efforts at 00:10 am, returned all sites to their original conditions, and reopened them to the public by 1:45 am on January 1, 2024.

To ensure seamless operations despite the high volume of visitors to Downtown Dubai’s popular locations, Emrill began preparations for the event weeks in advance and collaborated closely with the Downtown Dubai master community to enhance safety measures for spectators during the event and facilitate efficient post-event clean-up.

To expand spectator viewing areas, Emrill removed planter pots and scenic furniture and installed tents and supplementary lighting fixtures, including arch and floodlights.  The facilities management provider installed additional waste bins and provided temporary waste storage areas throughout the area to ensure a seamless and efficient waste management system during and after the celebrations, optimising cleanliness and convenience for attendees and aiding in the post-event clean-up efforts.  Emrill also coordinated supplementary power sources to allow for increased use of club cars throughout the event.

Following the celebrations, Emrill deployed specialised cleaning equipment, including robotic scrubber driers, a CMAR street cleaner, heavy-duty road and pavement sweepers, and mobile high-pressure washers, to restore the venues to their original conditions. With the aid of these tools and dedicated cleaning teams, Emrill efficiently completed the cleaning operations for all sites in 95 minutes.

For the first time, Emrill also deployed new sustainable autonomous cleaning robots to assist with cleaning operations, improving productivity and efficiencies across the clean-up locations. The robots align with Emrill’s sustainability initiatives, utilising water-saving technology and increasing efficiencies across areas requiring optimised manpower productivity in targeted clean-up zones. Emrill also mobilised a team of 285 cleaning operatives, supported by 45 technicians, and overseen by 25 supervisors and managers to assist in the clean-up operations.

Emrill’s operations director, Gopalakrishnan, said: “Every year, the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Downtown Dubai are bigger and better than before, with more residents and visitors enjoying what Dubai does best for the year-end festivities. For the eleventh consecutive year, we are proud to have mobilised our clean-up teams and specialised equipment to quickly restore the popular viewing areas to their original condition. This achievement reflects the dedication of our team and the meticulous planning leading up to the globally acclaimed event.”

Gopalakrishnan concluded: “At Emrill, the safety and wellbeing of our community’s residents and visitors remains our top priority. Through working closely with the Downtown Dubai master community and ongoing safety training of our workforce, we create a safe, secure, accident-free environment for all the observers who visited Downtown Dubai for this prestigious event. Our team is proud to continue to exceed expectations while leveraging technology to bolster our efficiency and sustainability measures while delivering exceptional service for this highly-anticipated event each year.”

Emrill has also provided cleaning services to other notable Dubai locations and communities following New Year’s Eve celebrations.