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Emrill outsources fleet to Hertz

UAE-based facilities management service provider Emrill has outsourced the management of its 127 vehicles to fleet management specialist, Hertz. The outsourcing partnership will also see Hertz provide leased vehicles and manage maintenance and driving staff.

Emrill’s commercial director, Suzie Razmjou, explained Emrill’s decision to enter into an outsourcing partnership for the fleet, which had previously been managed in-house. She said: “Emrill is always looking for ways to drive efficiency and improve the service we provide for our clients. As a result of partnering with Hertz for our fleet management requirements, we are better positioned to focus on our core offering: creating great places for people to work, live and visit.

“We identified the outsourcing of our fleet management as an opportunity for us to free up administration time and take advantage of the new technology available through Hertz and its partners.”

Hertz was awarded the contract based upon its proven capability to provide tailored pick and drop services on the scale required for Emrill’s extensive portfolio along with its commitment to service quality and health and safety.

Over the last 18 months, Emrill and Hertz have undertaken a thorough assessment of Emrill’s pick and drop scheduling and ad-hoc requirements, enabling Hertz to obtain a fully comprehensive understanding of Emrill’s business requirements. This enabled Hertz to offer a tailored solution to Emrill.

Regional operations manager at Hertz, Marius Anton, said: “The face of the GCC is changing rapidly, and those who adopt technologies in their businesses will be far more successful than those who don’t. We worked extensively with Emrill to ensure we are providing a solution that really meets all the challenges that arise when working with a company of that size. By offering innovative technologies, we are confident we will be able to identify further efficiencies and ensure the transition over to us managing Emrill’s fleet is seamless and without interruption.”

In another addition to the new fleet management system, Hertz and Emrill have partnered with Location Solutions, a leading telematics service provider, to develop and launch ‘Actitrack’, a bespoke platform to enable the tracking of all activity. GPS trackers and cameras have been installed in multiple fleet vehicles, enabling the live remote collection of valuable data. Using the platform’s dedicated user interface, driving practice analytics, such as idling, harsh braking and unscheduled stops, can be viewed in real-time. A passenger ID system enables the tracking of employee attendance and working hours, allowing for more efficient resource allocation.

Charles Azrak, Location Solutions’ regional business development manager, said: “We are passionate about bringing new technologies to the market that enrich the lives of people in the GCC and enhance business operations. Our partners’ success stories serve as proof of our commitment.”

The newly branded fleet is already active on Dubai’s roads and the advanced monitoring of vehicles is expected to reduce idle vehicles, improve health and safety, quality of service and cost efficiencies.

Emrill Services, which is headquartered in Dubai and directly employs a workforce of over 7,500, provides soft and hard facilities management and security services for major projects in the emirate, including Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai master communities, Dubai Opera and Dubai International Airport.

Source : http://bit.ly/2kHn8YH