Emrill advises the only way to stay competitive is to invest in the right tools | Emrill

Emrill advises the only way to stay competitive is to invest in the right tools

Emrill, one of the UAE’s largest integrated facilities management service providers, debuted the country’s first CMAR NC 286R hot water pavement cleaner with suction in 2019. In the year following the machine’s official handover during a Downtown Dubai handover ceremony, the street-cleaning technology has enabled Emrill to carry out a number of special projects in some of Dubai’s most prestigious communities and bid competitively on new projects.

Unlike many other street cleaners, the CMAR 286R uses high-pressure hot water, making it extremely effective in the removal of grease, dirt, sand, food stains and even chewing gum from outdoor surfaces. It achieves this while reducing chemical usage by, in most cases, 90 per cent, making it more environmentally friendly as well as more efficient than manual cleaning.

Emrill Services has joined forces with the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply MENA (CIPS MENA) to emphasise the importance of improving welfare standards in the MENA region’s supply chains. In an event held at Emrill’s Knowledge Theatre in Dubai, procurement professionals from a diverse range of sectors gathered to discuss the impact of welfare standards and the need to adopt global best practices.

Prior to the event, Sam Achampong, CIPS MENA’s regional head and general manager, explained the importance of the topic.

Achampong said: “Worker welfare should be high on the agenda for businesses regardless of the size of projects being implemented. I’m delighted our partners at Emrill see this as a focus of their work and that we have representation from Expo 2020 Dubai, who are taking the lead in keeping their workers safe. Not only is reputation at risk if companies do not look at safety and welfare for their own infrastructure projects, but of course, this is about saving lives and improving health throughout supply chains.”


Emrill’s operations director, Gopalakrishnan, explained why the company decided to invest in the CMAR 286R and how it has been used since the purchase: “Emrill has always invested in the latest technology and equipment as part of its commitment to meeting client expectations and providing delivery and cost efficiencies. The FM sector has become increasingly more competitive, with clients expecting greater value in addition to becoming more price sensitive. Emrill has embraced digitisation and machinisation, enabling us to achieve great results and pass on cost savings to our clients.”

The street cleaner is operated by a two-man crew and can achieve the same results as manual cleaning carried out by a 13-man crew. This has enabled Emrill to minimise the number of people on-site, allowing for physical distancing guidelines to be adhered to while ensuring service levels have remained high. Predominantly based in Downtown Dubai, the CMAR 286R’s optional high-pressure washer allows for the easy blast cleaning of hard-to-reach surfaces in addition to roads, pavements and ramps, all without requiring additional cleaning solutions and chemicals. Its compact size makes it perfect for use in narrow pathways and alleys, where it would be challenging to deploy a standard pressure washer and water tanker.

In the past twelve months, the CMAR 286R has been used for a number of special projects, including the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Downtown Dubai. Gopalakrishnan said: “The machine is perfect for both pre and post-event special projects, where there is limited time to ensure high-quality cleaning standards are met. We were able to break our own record for cleaning Downtown Dubai after the last New Year’s Eve event, made possible in part by the use of the high-tech street cleaner. Not only does the CMAR 286R cut down on cleaning time required, but it is also very mobile, which means it can be deployed quickly.”

Emrill purchased the CMAR 286R from Viking Gulf, one of the region’s leading cleaning equipment suppliers. Viking Gulf’s CEO, Carsten Mahaini, explained how important it is for facilities management service providers to invest in the latest technology: “Emrill was the first company in the UAE to source and use the CMAR 286R. This demonstrated the company’s commitment to not only increasing efficiency but also minimising the impact of its cleaning activities on the environment. We welcomed the opportunity to provide Emrill with a technology solution that could help the organisation to work towards its ultimate goal of carbon neutrality while not compromising on results.”

In addition to being used before and after events of national importance, the CMAR 286R has also been used in a number of Dubai’s master communities and cars parks across the projects Emrill manages.