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Middle East’s Influential Women in the Built Environment

Right from the beginning of Sam’s career she knew what role she wanted to be in, she wanted to belong to an industry that had an impact on people’s lives. And that’s when she learned about facilities management. She knew that this would be the perfect platform that she was looking for and especially in Dubai. “The emirate of Dubai is a land full of opportunities, be it in tourism or now the Expo. It does pride itself as a great country to visit. And FM, just gives that opportunity to contribute tot that vision and to create that happier and healthy place,” said Sam.

Proud Moments

Sam is extremely proud to have been give the role of the Finance Director at Emrill Services nearly 6 years ago and subsequently promoted as the first CFO for Emrill Services. Other moments, like being a part of the ongoing development of people is something she is proud of.


Barriers in Female Leadership

Sam observed that there is progress being made, in terms of overcoming the barriers out there. But one thing we are yet to overcome as a sector is to make the built environment a little more attractive as a career prospect. “One of the biggest barriers is women underestimating their roles in society, be it their strength or t heir capabilities and what they can bring to the table. I am proud to say that Emrill has created an environment where women can thrive and be equal,” said Sam.


“I would encourage anyone regardless of their gender. But first, ask yourselves as to why you want to be in FM? The reason being, work in FM is not a very ‘glamourous’ one. But people who do work in this field are very passionate about improving the built environment around us. And with passion, one can find your voice in this industry, and with the right company backing, you will be heard, as well.”

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