Emrill launches advanced sustainable cleaning robot in partnership with Dubai Festival City Mall | Emrill

Emrill launches advanced sustainable cleaning robot in partnership with Dubai Festival City Mall

November 4, 2022

Integrated facilities management provider, Emrill, has partnered with Dubai Festival City Mall to launch its first sustainable cleaning robot for a retail environment in Dubai. In line with Emrill and Al-Futtaim Malls’ ongoing mission to identify and execute more sustainable and artificial intelligence (AI) driven projects, Dubai Festival City Mall has taken a new step with this unique partnership to embark on advanced technology that caters to its customers and the betterment of the planet.

The robot, powered by Active AI, utilises advanced technology to optimise cleaning efficiency in enclosed areas while ensuring eco-friendly and safe operations. LeoMop, the latest edition to Emrill’s cleaning fleet, is the first smart, sustainable cleaning robot to be utilised by Emrill in the delivery of high-quality cleaning services, with the commencement of operations at Dubai Festival City Mall.

Emrill purchased LeoMop from Hygiene Tech, a leading smart cleaning equipment and hygiene solutions supplier. The robot, developed by Singapore-based LionsBot, uses innovative technologies to enable more advanced cleaning in commercial properties.

LeoMop provides cost-saving strategies for businesses by providing efficiencies compared to human-intensive cleaning workforces and can operate for up to 20 hours per day. The silent cleaning robot uses 70 per cent less water compared to other models available in the market. It also leaves the floors drier after mopping, making it safer for high foot-traffic areas that Emrill services, such as malls, due to its Active-DryTec capability for stronger water extraction.

Utilising advanced AI technology, LeoMop is operated via a dedicated mobile app and enables time efficiencies through intelligent mapping of areas that need to be serviced. LeoMop also self-learns with every activation to improve scheduling and offers high-productivity results to businesses with real-time updates, notifications and detailed reports provided via the app.

Aligning with Dubai Festival City Mall’s vision, sustainability continues to be a key strategy for Emrill, and the launch of LeoMop is with the latest step in the facilities management provider’s strategy to develop, launch and utilise more sustainable technologies. The robot only requires a two-hour charge time to operate due to its specialised lithium battery and reduces water consumption from 40 litres to 600 millilitres per hour, making it both energy and water efficient.

Emrill’s operations director, Gopalakrishnan, explained why the company decided to launch LeoMop and Emrill’s plans for more sustainable robots: “Emrill has always been dedicated to identifying innovative solutions that benefit both our clients and the environment. We have been searching for a viable cleaning robot for the last seven years, and LeoMop was a clear choice for us. The robot is incredibly advanced, utilising safety features such as multiple sensors that enable it to auto-adjust its travelling speed to avoid obstacles while still being able to clean tighter and hard-to-reach spaces. As well as being energy and environmentally efficient, LeoMop is visually appealing and even displays a personality through its emotional responses via its expressive eyes and voice.

While we initially utilise LeoMop to clean during the late hours when the mall is closed, we are exploring potentials of operating it during the malls trading hours. Due to the robot’s safety features and aesthetically pleasing appearance, we are confident LeoMop could be used without causing any disruption to the mall’s patrons. This is the first robot we have launched in a commercial area and we are excited to introduce more sustainable robots to our fleet in the future where we feel they will provide service delivery and quality benefits to our clients.”

Hayssam Hajjar, General Manager of Al-Futtaim Malls – UAE, commented on Emrill’s launch of the cleaning robot: “We are pleased to have Dubai Festival City Mall be the first retail destination to introduce sustainable cleaning robots with Emrill in Dubai.  Our partnership with Emrill propels us to the next stage of our innovation strategy which leads to a more sustainable outcome. At Al-Futtaim Malls, we truly believe that technology is the way forward to improve both environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. It has the unique ability to monitor and manage energy, water, chemicals and wastage of resources, which is imperative for our environment today.”

Issam Hauranieh, CEO at Hygiene Tech, commented on how the launch of LeoMop will aid in Emrill’s sustainability initiatives: “The launch of LeoMop is the latest addition to Emrill’s ongoing sustainability and digitalisation efforts. Hygiene Tech has been on an ongoing quest to introduce the latest green and eco-friendly solutions, which reduce chemical usage, water consumption, and energy, making them more environmentally friendly; hence, the introduction of the Lionsbot robot designated to different cleaning tasks. Lionsbot robots come in different size ranges in order to be efficient in all locations. With ease of use and state-of-the-art AI technology, our robots are game changers in the world of cleaning. We are proud to have partnered with Emrill and Al-Futtaim Malls on this joint venture and we are excited to have both esteemed companies taking the leap and believing in the future of cleaning, as we at Hygiene Tech perceive it.”