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Emrill enhances command centre with virtual reality capabilities to elevate operations

Leading UAE-based total facilities management (FM) service provider Emrill has enhanced its command centre with virtual reality (VR) technology capabilities to advance business functions across its projects and operations.

The command centre, located at Emrill’s headquarters in Dubai, utilises new-generation technology to enable employees and clients access to video and visual information across projects with advanced VR headsets. The introduction of these innovative technological solutions bolster Emrill’s command centre, which centralises multiple systems into one integrated digital hub to increase visibility, makes real-time information more accessible, and tracks and analyses data across the FM provider’s contracts. The addition of virtual reality capabilities to the command centre is the latest extension of Emrill’s advanced digital FM solution, TECHSPHERE, to increase the efficiencies in the FM industry.

Using the software and headset, employees and clients can access live information on projects remotely, including building management systems, maintenance records and energy consumption trends.

Users can benefit from more collaborative communication, engagement and increased situational awareness on different projects to improve overall operational productivity. The technologically advanced solution allows users to engage in an interactive and immersive experience across multiple projects.

The command centre integrates Emrill’s clients’ building management systems through open protocols enabling efficient monitoring of operational performance and allows the organisation to monitor and control building systems and infrastructure, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, power and electrical distribution systems, security systems, and other critical equipment. The centre receives and processes alerts to manage facility incident reports efficiently by signalling on-site teams to rectify any potential issues. It uses software to receive and prioritise maintenance and work order management requests to optimise operations further and increase the lifespan of clients’ assets by scheduling regular preventative maintenance based on data tracking and notifications.


Emrill’s enhanced command centre increases sustainable operations by tracking environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics across multiple project sites. The ESG platform allows the FM services provider to monitor and analyse energy usage across its clients’ unique projects and facilities, identify areas for improvement and enable the implementation of energy management strategies and conservation practices to reduce environmental impact while increasing operational efficiencies.

The centre actively collects and analyses data through data analytic tools to identify trends and patterns and enables informed decision-making , which enhances performance across project sites. The collation and data analysis helps streamline processes and allows Emrill to understand client needs better to deliver a comprehensive FM solution and exceptional customer experience.

“Our command centre not only benefits our clients and the projects and facilities we provide FM services for but is also the perfect platform for our employees to strengthen communication, coordinate activities effectively and disseminate key information seamlessly using innovative VR capabilities. Emrill is a future-ready organisation and we are excited to offer advanced FM digital solutions, which provide added benefits to all stakeholders in our efforts to continue to provide service excellence within the FM landscape,” said Stuart Harrison, CEO at Emrill.

“We will continue to identify and implement key technologies and strategies that add value to our operations and cement our position as an adaptive FM services provider in our region. Our ongoing investment in smart technology solidifies our commitment to providing innovative FM and customer-centric solutions.”

Hussain Saifuddin, head of ICT at Emrill, commented: “The inclusion of immersive technology, such as VR capabilities, is the next step for Emrill to efficiently manage and optimise operations and increase customer satisfaction without compromising data security. Our VR FM service capabilities provide an interactive user experience to access data in real time. Our command centre enables access and management of multiple business functions, client systems, processes, and services from a single, centralised system and location. With the instrumental addition of VR technology, our clients can now immerse themselves in this information from any location. Our centre’s live data and analytics provide an elevated user experience for our employees and clients, allowing us to deliver operational excellence.”

In the coming months, Emrill’s command centre will integrate digital twin technologies to provide further insights into its clients’ building management systems, including monitoring operations and conducting detailed simulations which can identify innovative strategies to further elevate FM operations and performance.

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