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Innovation in Facilities Management

The Middle East’s FM sector is maturing rapidly, and we are seeing an increased demand for services as well as the emergence of new trends, such as the increased adoption of new technology. Innovation is at the core of everything Emrill does, and our clients benefit from the latest technology and equipment.

Earlier this year, Emrill launched an efficiency-enhancing app, specifically designed to enhance and refine the delivery of soft FM services in both horizontal and high-rise communities. Via the app, staff are assigned optimised routes and task schedules. As they move along the mapped-out route, tasks pop up on their mobile devices, determined by proximity to the scheduled tasks. As staff complete jobs, they upload photographs, which are automatically synced to the supervisor’s interface. This has increased transparency and visibility of supervision with improved quality assurance. This technology-driven approach to soft FM services has enabled us to pass on this value-add to our clients.

The app is also having a positive effect on the environment. As machine operators are using digital checklists along optimised routes, this has resulted in reduced paper and fuel consumption. Furthermore, it has also led to the development of a digital work permit system, which is geo-fenced, ensuring compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements.

We ensure sustainable practices are applied to all areas of the business and provide solutions that help clients work towards carbon neutrality and sustainability. In 2018, we launched an organic vegetable garden, accessible to 5,000 residents living in 1,500 apartments. We also developed a 700 sqm plot of sand into a sustainability park. The newly laid grass and shrubs were fertilised with recycled food waste.

Further to providing a communal space in which residents can interact with nature and each other, these initiatives have a low carbon footprint, as the need to transport produce is eliminated. The garden also meets other sustainable objectives using organic fertiliser made from food waste, thereby minimising the project’s impact on the environment, increasing green spaces and reducing the community’s contribution to global warming.

We are innovating across multiple developments to reduce water use and wastage. We launched an initiative to use condensation water to clean carparks. This has enabled us to save 35,000 litres of water per month on various sites – that’s the equivalent of 1,000 showers every month per site. We also mobilised the first and only CMAR street cleaner in the UAE. This machine significantly reduces the water required.

Technology has always played a big role in shaping the facilities management sector. New technology enables FM services providers the opportunity to offer innovative and sustainable solutions that add value and differentiate from the competition.