Emrill achieves record-breaking participation in 15th annual carnival | Emrill

Emrill achieves record-breaking participation in 15th annual carnival

(MENAFN- IHC) Leading facilities management services provider, Emrill, broke participation records at its 15th annual employee carnival. Held over 88 days for its 9,000-plus strong workforce, the carnival offered 43 mixed events, saw 14 teams compete and attracted the highest attendance in the event’s history.

Emrill’s annual carnival recognises and encourages team contribution and celebrates milestones and employee achievements. Relaunched as a hybrid event in 2021, the carnival offers a mix of online experiences and team activities, including social, arts, dance, music and sporting events. This year’s carnival saw Emrill employees engage in 13,069 activities over the three-month event, the highest participation ever recorded.

Since its inception, Emrill’s annual employee carnival has provided a platform for employees to socialise, compete and strengthen relationships, building on Emrill’s culture of collaboration and togetherness. All employees were welcome, and participants aged 18 to 57 from every department took part. Once the sporting events had concluded, Emrill presented Parbati Tamang and Arjun Anil Kumar awards for the most valuable female and male players.

In addition to team events and social activities, Emrill awarded a total of 592 long service awards to employees, including the organisation’s first 20-year long service award, which was received by Benedict Rayer, a facilities manager at the company. The other awards recognised and honoured employees who have been with the organisation for five, ten and 15 years. Emrill also presented two ‘employee of the year’ awards and one ‘highly commended employee of the year’ award.

Stuart Harrison, Emrill’s CEO, attributed the carnival’s success to having a highly engaged workforce, saying: “While our annual employee carnival is certainly a highlight of our social calendar, it’s just one of many opportunities we provide throughout the year for our employees to come together, participate in team activities and celebrate our successes. As well as being a fantastic event for employees to socialise and engage in friendly competition, our carnival is an opportunity for us to celebrate our team’s hard work and dedication, presenting awards to employees who have gone above and beyond to excel in their roles and demonstrated their ongoing commitment to Emrill through several years of service. It’s great to see that in our 20 years of operations our latest carnival resulted in record-breaking participation. The positive feedback we receive from attendees only propels us to make next year’s carnival even bigger and better for them.”

The carnival also welcomed special guests throughout the three-month fete, including Abdullah Lashkari, General Secretary, Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs, Dubai. UAE cricket captain, CP Rizwan, attended the carnival’s opening ceremony and Khalid Al Ameri, one of the UAE’s most prominent social media personalities, joined for the carnival’s closing celebrations.