Downtown Dubai gets a deep-clean thanks to Emrill’s eco-friendly pavement cleaner | Emrill

Downtown Dubai gets a deep-clean thanks to Emrill’s eco-friendly pavement cleaner

Emrill Services, the multi-award winning UAE-based integrated facilities management provider, has unveiled the latest addition to its cleaning services line-up – the CMAR NC 286R hot water pavement cleaner with suction, the first of its kind in the UAE.

The new machine was unveiled at a handover ceremony in Downtown Dubai, which was attended by key stakeholders from Emrill, Emaar and the supplier of the CMAR NC 286R, Viking Gulf.

Emrill’s Operations Director, Gopalakrishnan, explained Emrill’s decision to invest in the advanced street-cleaning technology. He said: “Emrill is always on the lookout for the latest technology and equipment that will enable us to further improve and exceed client expectations, while achieving cost-savings for them. This latest acquisition is further evidence of Emrill’s position as a pioneer in digitisation and mechanisation. We are using cutting-edge equipment to reduce manpower requirements while not compromising on quality. This puts us a step ahead of the competition and fulfils the growing market requirements for increased levels of efficiency.


David Nice, General Manager of Operations at Emrill, described the environmental benefits of the high-tech pavement cleaner: “Emrill is committed to helping clients work towards carbon neutrality and sustainability, so together we become the lowest carbon producers in our respective sectors and reduce our overall environmental footprint. Through a combination of high-pressure and heat, the CMAR cleaner doesn’t require any additional chemicals to achieve impressive results. Also, because the CMAR cleans in a single run, the need for rinsing has been eliminated, resulting in a 30 per cent reduction in water used.”

In addition to being more environmentally-friendly than other cleaners, the CMAR NC 286R offers cost-savings to the operator and the client. A trained two-man crew operates the cleaner and can achieve the same results as a 13-man crew manually cleaning the same area.

Gopalakrishnan added: “Not only does the CMAR achieve better results than manual cleaning, but it was also clear it had the potential to generate great savings, increase efficiency and make life much easier for the team. Investing in the machine just made sense.”

The CMAR pavement cleaner will be permanently located in Downtown Dubai, predominantly within the Downtown Master Community but will also service other external areas and car parks in the Downtown area.

Nice concluded: “We have plans to add additional CMAR pavement cleaners to the fleet in the future to service other master communities, such as Dubai Marina – so watch this space.”

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