Winners of the FM Awards 2018, Where are they now? | Emrill

Winners of the FM Awards 2018, Where are they now?


Young FM of the Year 2018

Shinaan Madathil, facilities manager, Emrill

How has winning the award changed your career?

Further to winning I have been entrusted with more responsibilities and my portfolio has been expanded from being a single site manager to a FM of multiple projects. Emrill has continued to support my growth and development and I’m excited to soon become a member of Emrill’s senior management team, which oversees the business’s operations. Currently, I’m part of a steering committee tasked with creating a management development programme for our future leaders.

Has it made you approach your post of duty in a different way?

It has changed the way I approach things day in and day out. While I have always been an optimistic person, winning the award has given me a great deal of confidence in my ability to achieve excellence in our day to day operations.

I feel a sense of responsibility after winning the award and it has raised the bar in terms of what I expect of myself. I feel that this is just the beginning and there is a lot more I need to achieve.

What are your aspirations for 2019?

As for my career aspirations, I want to be a facility manager so I can train the employees/supervisors while continuing to expand my own knowledge and increase my responsibilities and contributing to the growth of the organisation. On a personal note, I’m getting married in the summer and planning a wedding is a full-time job!

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