Emrill Energy holds Energy Efficiency workshop in collaboration with RERA following RERA’s updated report guidelines | Emrill

Emrill Energy holds Energy Efficiency workshop in collaboration with RERA following RERA’s updated report guidelines

Emrill Energy, a division of leading integrated facilities management company Emrill, hosted an energy efficiency workshop for industry stakeholders and owners association management companies focusing on implementation strategies for the Energy Efficiency Policy recently released by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). The policy aims to reduce energy consumption within the built environment through energy-efficient practices. The workshop attracted over 80+ attendees, including building management professionals, property developers, and RERA officials. During the workshop, Emrill presented and discussed reporting strategies that will enable community management companies to fulfil RERA’s requirement for monthly building energy consumption reports.

RERA’s new energy efficiency policy requires UAE-based community management companies to submit evidence-based monthly reports detailing a building’s energy-efficiency efforts and sustainable practices. During the workshop, Emrill Energy and RERA presented and explained RERA’s new policy and stressed the importance of implementing energy-focused solutions to comply with the statutory guidelines.

Mohammed Khalifa Bin Hammad, senior director at RERA, explained the policy aims to encourage community and building management organisations to adopt a proactive approach to energy management and consumption: “Our goal is to increase energy efficiency and sustainable buildings in the UAE. Energy-efficient building practices and the implementation of energy management systems will allow for detailed monitoring, analysis, and optimisation of energy consumption in the built environment. The energy consumption reports are an integral tool to help RERA assess a building’s energy efficiency every month and provide insights for building management companies on the effectiveness of current energy-saving strategies. Together, we can work towards a more sustainable and energy-aware future for the UAE.”

To support the UAE’s commitment to sustainable and innovative initiatives aligned with the country’s Green Agenda 2023, Emrill Energy explored solutions to develop more energy-efficient buildings, asset lifecycle optimisation strategies, and implementing smart technologies to monitor and increase energy savings while enhancing environmentally-friendly operations.

Shariq Ahmad, associate director at Emrill Energy, said: “Not only do Emrill Energy’s solutions provide a comprehensive framework to support organisations in monitoring energy usage required for RERA reporting, but they also benefit building owners, owners’ associations, and tenants with significant cost-savings on utility bills and reduction in community service charges. By adopting energy management practices, property owners and occupants can benefit from lower service charges due to heightened energy efficiencies while maintaining consistent energy outputs within their properties. For example, HVAC systems consume almost 70 per cent of a building’s energy, and with the reduced power requirement for these HVAC systems through our optimised energy efficient solutions, we can reduce generation capacity at the utility plant level, resulting in a more sustainable and cost-effective solution.”

Ahmad concluded: “The goal of our energy efficiency workshop was to bring together industry experts, owners’ associations, developers, property management companies and organisations to lead the change and work towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient built environment. By implementing total energy management and energy efficiency solutions, we are confident we can execute energy-saving strategies within buildings, improve overall efficiency through sustainable strategies and work towards the UAE’s vision for a more sustainable future.”

Emrill Energy offers energy management and improved efficiency solutions for facilities and buildings, including technology applications essential to monitoring and analysing energy data required for RERA’s monthly consumption reports. The organisation is committed to introducing energy efficiency strategies to the country’s residential and commercial sectors and establishing energy and cost-saving targets to support RERA and other government sustainability efforts which reduce environmental impact and improve energy security in the Emirates.