Dubai's Emrill launches in-house high-level cleaning service | Emrill

Dubai’s Emrill launches in-house high-level cleaning service

UAE facilities management company Emrill has launched an in-house high-level cleaning service as a latest addition to its offering.

The firm has identified high-level cleaning as a growth area for its business based on the increased complexity of projects in Dubai.

Previously, Emrill had subcontracted high-level cleaning work to third-party operators.

Explaining the decision to shift to an in-house service offering, head of soft services at Emrill, Sarah Rodgers, said: “We understand the external windows and façade of buildings are the first impression tenants and visitors have of premises, so it’s important that highest standards are maintained at all times.

She added: “An integrated service offering allows Emrill to act as a single delivery point for all service activities, without having different contractors for each specialised service for our clients.”

The service is operational in office and residential buildings where the organisation already provides facilities management services in Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, The Greens and Dubai Festival City.

“We are in the early stages of offering this service. Currently, our in-house capabilities include any project in which a cradle is utilised to clean external glass and façades. However, in collaboration with service partners, we also offer rope access cleaning for even the tallest towers,” Rodgers concluded.

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