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Face to Face: Stuart Harrison and Sam Emery, Emrill Services

Having taken over as the CEO of Emrill in March 2019, Stuart Harrison along with newly promoted CFO Sam Emery outline the firm’s strategy moving forward.   There is an air of change at Emrill. Firstly the FM company has moved its head offices to Al Quoz fitted out with a theatre that’s fit for […]

Emrill launches new app. for housekeeping

Emrill Services has launched an efficiency-enhancing app for housekeeping service delivery.   Following a successful six-month trial, the app, which is the first of its kind in the UAE, is now fully operational across Emaar’s Emirates Living master community, which comprises The Meadows, The Springs, The Lakes, Emirates Hills, The Greens and The Views.   […]

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Stuart Harrison Exclusive Feature in Gineers Now September 2018 Issue

A friendly technology for the environment is possible. This is what we have learned from Emrill Facilities Management.

With the rapid arrival of innovations and technological advancements, sustainability and continuous research and study for more efficient resources are the challenges faced by this growing industry. As these technologies have given birth to devices and facilities, they have shown great help to communities and have certainly become a necessity for people.


But this need for technology has also been a picture of great danger to the world we live in. Environmental pollution, ecological systems disturbances, depletion of natural resources and climatic changes resulting from global warming are brought by the fruits of it. Technology is significant in development and has offered productivity to satisfy human needs.


However, uncontrolled technology impacts the environment negatively.


The wastes coming from a lot of buildings, institutions, and factories are throwing so much harm to the life of natural resources, and to the lives of people. Aside from these defects is the impact on the natural energies that can be put into nothing and uselessness due to the deadly releases of technology.


Fortunately, as research and study aim to help create sustainable facilities management and support, their pursuit have also stepped up to help provide safe surroundings for the communities.


While trials on applications are being held, Emrill, a leading integrated facilities management company at the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is pushing not only for higher level of facilities but also for the production of interactive buildings that are able to learn from the environment and the users’ needs and spaces.


Aside from this, the multi-awarded company also introduced techniques and facilities that had helped the UAE with its water scarcity. In this magazine, let us know from Stuart Harrison, the Technical Director of Emrill their commitment to clients and to the stakeholders by bringing quality and outstanding services as well as conservative programs for saving energy.



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