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Emrill Services appoints new CEO and CFO

Emrill Services, the multi-award winning UAE-based integrated facilities management provider, has announced the appointment of a new CEO and CFO. The firm’s previous technical director, Stuart Harrison, has been promoted to chief executive officer, effective immediately, and will be based at Emrill’s Dubai head office.   Harrison’s appointment is a result of his proven track […]

Downtown Dubai gets a deep-clean thanks to Emrill’s eco-friendly pavement cleaner

Emrill Services, the multi-award winning UAE-based integrated facilities management provider, has unveiled the latest addition to its cleaning services line-up – the CMAR NC 286R hot water pavement cleaner with suction, the first of its kind in the UAE.   The new machine was unveiled at a handover ceremony in Downtown Dubai, which was attended […]

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PARTNERS IN PROTECTION – Alex Davies, Operations Director of Emrill talks to FM Today about the trends and movements in Security.


Alex Davies, Operations Director of Emrill talks to FM Today about the trends and movements in Security.

From securing the premises of blue chip companies, banks, hotels, oil and gas facilities and shopping malls to protecting high net worth individuals, the Middle East’s security services market is big business – particularly in rapidly growing markets, such as the UAE. A recent report by Frost and Sullivan stated that the Middle East’s homeland security market will see a compound annual growth rate that is three times the global average and hit 34 billion dollars per year by 2020.


The FM Company’s security arm has definitely garnered a lot of attention over the years and now with standards put in place the industry is experiencing a lot of growth in the region. This growth is driven primarily by economic diversification and massive scale-up in infrastructure projects; in addition to hosting mega-events such as the Dubai Expo 2020 in the United Arab Emirates and the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.


Evolution and changing perception

The growing infrastructure has increased the demand of security and made it a top priority as a service. With that also comes new plans and ideas on how to protect one’s company and yourself. Like any other service, even security as a service has evolved and changed over the years. The threats and threat levels are continuously changing so the companies should find ways to adapt to the ever-changing environment. Different companies are now finding different ways to adapt to the changing environment.


Emrill has established a solid reputation as one of the region’s most effective providers of security. The company provides services to all sectors including hospitality, residential, and corporate. And they provide security management, supervision and guarding on a static or mobile basis for their clients. When it comes to how the security service has changed in the industry over the years, Alex Davies, Operations Director, from Emrill says, “Security services continue to evolve with the ever increasing demands of the region. At Emrill, we continue to raise the bar of our solutions and increase the use of technology in the deployment of our systems to meet and exceed the demands of our clients.”




When it comes to delivering security services efficiently there are bound to be challenges.
Emrill strongly believes that security is the face of any organisation and the guards’ first impression matters a lot. “Therefore, security staff must be approachable and alert to lookout for any suspicious activity,” adds Davies. Providing a safe and secure environment for their clients is a top priority and the biggest challenge in any organisation. “To provide this safe environment, we at Emrill ensure that the staff must go through a rigorous recruitment process and they even receive the highest training standards to meet the demands of such high profile roles,” says Davies.




With such demands in the market, the standards of security too have to be high. But with so much competition in the market there are a few key skill sets security personnel should have. Firstly, they should meet the standards set by Dubai Police but security goes much further than this. A customer focused and approachable manner are key attributes along with the ability to keep a calm head whilst under pressure. The ability to work as a team is key to collaborate with all parties including residents or tenants, management and other key departments such as MEP technicians.

“Emrill security personnel work closely with our other technical teams, for example, security patrols will identify and report areas of improvement or technical faults to the relevant departments in order to have them addressed and fixed as soon as possible,” says Davies. At the end of the day to have the right skill set, training is the key.




New innovations

The ever-evolving security market embraces new solutions every day. From CCTV cameras, alarm systems, Drones, to GPS security devices, innovations in the market have seen a huge leap recently in development with no sign of slowing down.

With companies spoilt for choice in the market, each one picks their products according to the requirement. Within Emrill, they have deployed smartphones to security personnel with bespoke software which enables them to monitor the effectiveness of patrols, increase accuracy and timeliness of security reporting, whilst giving control rooms and supervision the ability to instantly hear and see what a security officer can see on ground through closed protocol systems. “These key systems run in parallel to the ever increasing effectiveness of CCTV and alarm systems,” says Davies.


Technology Advancements vs Diminishing Manpower


Many feel that whilst technology can increase the effectiveness of security there is no replacement for highly trained security personnel throughout a facility. Davies adds, “In addition, technology cannot replace the key role security has in an integrated facilities management offering; a friendly face and a helping hand in time of need such as first aid provision or conducting an evacuation of the building occupants.”


Article source: FM Today