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Emrill Services appoints new CEO and CFO

Emrill Services, the multi-award winning UAE-based integrated facilities management provider, has announced the appointment of a new CEO and CFO. The firm’s previous technical director, Stuart Harrison, has been promoted to chief executive officer, effective immediately, and will be based at Emrill’s Dubai head office.   Harrison’s appointment is a result of his proven track […]

Downtown Dubai gets a deep-clean thanks to Emrill’s eco-friendly pavement cleaner

Emrill Services, the multi-award winning UAE-based integrated facilities management provider, has unveiled the latest addition to its cleaning services line-up – the CMAR NC 286R hot water pavement cleaner with suction, the first of its kind in the UAE.   The new machine was unveiled at a handover ceremony in Downtown Dubai, which was attended […]

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Emrill’s accident prevention initiative “Don’t Walk By” achieves record statistics

Emrill, the leading Facilities Management company in the UAE, today announced a record of over 260,000 situations where Emrill staff proactively reported and recommended areas for safety enhancement.

The company strives year on year to achieve ‘Target Zero’ accidents and incidents with their employees by focusing on accident prevention. To support this goal, Emrill launched the “Don’t Walk By” behavioural safety awareness campaign in March 2009 and received an overwhelming response from staff in every function.


The company has implemented stringent and extensive safety systems and training programs to ensure staff are consistently updated on the latest and safest techniques. In 2011 alone Emrill conducted 13,159 training sessions for staff covering 54 areas of Health and Safety.


The “Don’t Walk By” initiative within the company is supported by extensive training and safety awareness programs. This campaign to achieve “Target Zero” for accidents is consistently carried out with an open door policy that empowers and engages employees at all levels to recognise and report unsafe conditions to enable appropriate action for accident/incident and loss prevention. The ‘Don’t Walk By’ programme has also successfully encouraged staff to contribute innovative ideas and good practices across the business.


Ben Churchill, Managing Director, Emrill said, “At Emrill we support an employee led culture in which “everybody, everywhere and everyday” can help contribute to the company’s goal to achieve Target Zero. This has allowed for a corporate culture of safety ownership and the highest level of safety awareness where all employees work towards constant accident prevention while ensuring each other’s personal safety.”


To increase safety ownership and encourage staff Emrill has also introduced a rewards scheme. The initiative has successfully impacted the mind-sets of employees and changed attitudes towards a higher level of safety awareness with a cumulative of 263,366 situations where Emrill staff chose “not to walk by”.


Don't Walk By is a company-wide safety initiative practiced by site and office staff alike. Emrill takes great pride in this initiative setting the path for its 4000 strong staff to understand and engage in the importance of safety in the workplace.

Emrill strongly believes in an injury free culture and has made all employees responsible for ensuring that a safe working environment is created for all by accident prevention rather than reaction. Emrill successfully achieved 10 million safe man hours in September 2011.