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Emrill, like Bee’ah, has moved a step up in the FMME Power List 2018 on the back of another strong year in the UAE FM sector. In 2018 Emrill won the ‘Overall FM Company of the Year’ for a third time running and its fifth overall.   Growth has continued to stay the same as […]

Alex Davies Radio Interview on Business Breakfast 103.8 Dubai Eye

Alex Davies from Emrill talks business about how the company is doing and their pipeline of projects we can expect to see in 2019.     Reference  :                  

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Emrill helps save $1.3m in costs

Emrill, an award-winning integrated facilities management provider in the UAE, has managed to save 26 per cent in energy costs amounting to Dh3.8 million ($1.3 million) at a major residential complex in Dubai Marina using an industry-first energy performance contract (EPC).


The company undertook the pilot energy-efficiency scheme together with its energy solutions arm, Emrill Energy, at the Dubai Marina Towers. The large residential complex includes six towers, namely Al Murjan, Al Mass, Al Fairooz, Al Mesk, Al Yass and Al Anbar residential towers, retail areas and associated amenities.

Through the EPC initiative, Emrill has employed innovative energy-saving and sustainable building techniques. A highlight of the scheme is that it requires no upfront investment from the building owner or manager and instead all technical, design and installation costs are invested by Emrill. The resulting savings are subsequently shared between both parties.


“Not only is this a significant financial saving but also presents a major reduction in total emissions, equivalent to 4,256 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide), equal to a passenger car driving 21 million km,” says a spokesman for Emrill.


An investment grade audit was done at the outset, following a feasibility study of existing equipment and their respective operating modes to see how significant reductions in net energy usage and costs could be achieved through improvements to controls, chillers, air handling units (AHUs), heat recovery systems, and building management and lighting systems.


He says works on site began in December 2015. The Dubai Marina Towers were fully occupied at the time and careful planning was required to ensure no loss of comfort or facility to residents. An entirely new business management system (BMS) was installed, along with numerous replacement sensors, actuators and variable frequency drives (VFDs). As part of a fully customised controls strategy, this work allowed intensive monitoring and control of the entire HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) system, giving much greater responsiveness to prevailing weather conditions and fluctuations in building and tenant demand. It also optimised the amount of equipment running at any one time.


A range of energy efficiency upgrades were provided by Emrill Energy covering chiller controls, chilled water pumping, BMS, AHU VFD control, and heat recovery wheel works, together with changes to the various de-humidification cooling and lighting systems. The project was completed and handed over to the client in March 2016. Continuous management and improvement of the new systems has been managed by Emrill Energy and has produced savings surpassing original forecasts.


In addition to the savings on energy, the lower plant and equipment operating times will mean extended lifecycles for that equipment, lessening the need for costly repair and replacement.


Alex Davies, managing director, Emrill comments: “We are very enthusiastic about the challenges and numerous financial and environmental benefits that the energy performance contract scheme has brought. Dubai Marina Towers chose to partner with Emrill using a shared savings model where our client does not bear any upfront investment for the commencement of the project. Emrill then takes partial savings earned from the solutions provided year-on-year for the duration of this contract.” Davies adds: “Now we have evidence-backed proof that the EPC scheme works for our customers and for Emrill. I am excited by the opportunities that exist to deliver sustainable and accessible solutions for further demand-side energy efficiency across the UAE.”


Considering Dubai Marina Towers’ unique combination of 1,025 apartments, 64 villas, 1,867 parking bays, 22 retail units, seven swimming pools, a fitness centre, spa, medical clinic, prayer halls, and a nursery, Emrill was able to design a bespoke energy savings solution that best fitted these requirements.


Given the success of this pilot scheme and the fact it can be adapted to any building type, Emrill now intends to offer the EPC scheme to property managers of more residential complexes in the UAE.



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