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Emrill Services appoints new CEO and CFO

Emrill Services, the multi-award winning UAE-based integrated facilities management provider, has announced the appointment of a new CEO and CFO. The firm’s previous technical director, Stuart Harrison, has been promoted to chief executive officer, effective immediately, and will be based at Emrill’s Dubai head office.   Harrison’s appointment is a result of his proven track […]

Downtown Dubai gets a deep-clean thanks to Emrill’s eco-friendly pavement cleaner

Emrill Services, the multi-award winning UAE-based integrated facilities management provider, has unveiled the latest addition to its cleaning services line-up – the CMAR NC 286R hot water pavement cleaner with suction, the first of its kind in the UAE.   The new machine was unveiled at a handover ceremony in Downtown Dubai, which was attended […]

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Emrill Achieves 10 Million Safe Man-Hours milestone

Emrill, the leading Facilities Management Company in the UAE, today proudly announced a milestone of achieving 10 million man-hours without Lost Time Injury (LTI), an incredible achievement by its over 4000-strong staff employed at various Emrill sites in the UAE.

“We have gone over 10 million man-hours without an LTI,” said Ben Churchill, Managing Director of Emrill. “This is an incredible achievement in the Facilities Management industry and only goes to prove our staff and field workers’ commitment to safety for themselves and others. Being LTI free for such a long period of time is indicative of the safety-first culture adhered to by Emrill.”


Emrill strongly believes in an injury free culture and has made employees accountable for ensuring that a safe working environment is available for their employees. The company’s Target Zero initiative is straight and simple: If it is not safe, don’t do it!


Target Zero seeks to achieve zero accidents and incidents. In order for the company to achieve this, the IMS (Integrated Management System) Department has implemented a Health and Safety strategy with world class policies and procedures that are communicated, implemented and followed on all sites and workplaces.


Emrill’s belief in continuous improvement has led to a focus on the importance of identifying and spreading health and safety best practices, facilitating system improvements and developing other initiatives.


Qualified staff frequently conduct inspections and checks to all sites to ensure implementation of strict health and safety measures. Emrill sites are managed by Facilities Managers and supported fully by the IMS (Integrated Management Systems) Department.


To reduce the risk of injury, a Task Hazard Analysis is done be­fore each task and then once in the field another assessment called the Field Level Risk Assessment is completed. “Identifying and controlling hazards is fundamental to what we do. At Emrill, we want people to return home safely from work every day,” Mr. Churchill added.


Other highly successful initiatives include the continuous Don’t-Walk-By campaign that has created an environment of openness and awareness where all Emrill employees identify and raise concerns about unsafe working practices and conditions in confidence.


Although mainly focused on Health and Safety, the Don’t-Walk-By campaign is also used to raise other issues, such as a concerns relating to the environment or quality. The feedback from employees are logged, measured and immediately acted upon to prevent any incidents or unsafe conditions.