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Aviation Business Awards 2017

This year, the Aviation Business Awards received double the number of entries compared to the last edition of the event in 2016.   Companies needed to have been in operation for at least 10 months before the judging process to qualify for the Awards.   After evaluating entries, we were able to settle on the […]

Alex Davies, Emrill Services speaks to fmME for the September issue.

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Handy tips while providing MEP services to your clients


Tips from the Experts: Things to keep in mind while providing MEP services, by Gopal Krishnan, General Manager, Emrill Services LLC




Initial assessment:

MEP services at any property require an initial assessment of all equipment and their functions to be accurately and thoroughly documented. Based on individual functions, the equipment is then ranked on its criticality which gives the facilities management company a clear idea of all the MEP requirements within the property.



Work with a check-list:

FM companies work with a check-list or a first list to ensure all elements have been checked and accounted for. At Emrill, we use our in-house condition monitoring team to conduct a thorough condition based assessment such as vibration analysis, thermography analysis, oil analysis and previous equipment history where available to understand the asset condition and level of maintenance required.



Always keep a dual plan solution:

Once this initial process has been completed and in the event of an asset mal-function, your MEP services provider must ensure that there is no spill-over effect onto related assets. This is followed by a careful analysis of the root cause for such a failure followed by efforts to find the best solution. A dual plan solution is always recommended in the event that you are not successful in the first attempt. Emrill uses a few problem solving techniques such as 8D concept or root cause analysis which have worked well within our properties.



Conduct regular assessments:

To ensure that an asset is performing at the highest levels, MEP service providers conduct regular assessments against its design parameters using condition monitoring techniques mentioned above and report any variations or abnormalities to their clients. For this to be truly effective, MEP service providers must ensure that such inspections are carried out by regularly trained and multi-skilled technicians.



Innovation is key:

At Emrill, innovation has played a huge part in improving services with new and cost effective ways to add value to our clients. These innovations can be found in simple day-to-day process through to technological improvements. Our most recent innovation, the ‘Business Smart’ model, revolutionises the use of mobile maintenance bringing together three great innovations by Emrill including our market leading mobile maintenance service, our unique mobile work order solution and the intelligent low cost wireless monitoring system to offer clients consistent and cost-effective facilities management services. Switching to this mobile maintenance service can potentially reduce business risks with the help of remote monitoring of critical assets and mobile service teams thereby reducing your operating costs by 25%.